Crowd Funding Carnism Awareness

Oh, happy day! Compassion Media’s crowd funding project to bring Melanie Joy to Germany was successful!

Have you ever wondered why you eat cows and pigs but not cats and dogs? Or why some animals are friends and some are regarded as food?

In her book “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, And Wear Cows” Melanie Joy explains the psychology behind this irrational behavior.

To accompany the release of the German version of her book, Compassion Media started a crowd funding project to bring Melanie Joy and her lecture “The Psychology of Eating Meat” to Germany.

You can watch her talk on YouTube:

or, even better, see her speak in Germany soon. You can also still partake in the crowd funding project on Startnext and get yourself a signed copy of Melanie’s book or one of the other nice items that are still left. I opted for the signed book. :-)

A Life Connected

In this day and age, many people are seeking some kind of spiritual truth. There are plenty of blogs about that, so I’ll cut it short here: The greatest illusion is the illusion of separation. There is simply no way we can live our lives without having impact on everything else. A life connected.

This video is connecting all the dots. Watch it, and then watch it again. Veganism is not just about cute lambs and puppy eyes.

The video is available in many other languages on the Vegan Video website. Unfortunately, Vimeo does not support captions, so here’s the transcript.

Transcript (PDF, 144 kB)