Aaaah, Metal Festival Food!

Doner Kebab, food stand in the background

What’s better than a 3-day metal festival? Right, a 3-day metal festival that’s free, basically in my front yard and has the best vegan döner kebab in the world! I’m talking about the turock Open Air in downtown Essen. :-)

The vegan kebab is so good that I had one each festival day. Frankly, it’s so awesome that I’m practically following the “Untervegs” food wagon around whenever I can. 😉

I wonder how many people didn’t even notice their döner was vegan. Especially after a couple of beers …

As far as the music goes, I really enjoyed Enforcer from Sweden. Check out their new album “Death by Fire” if you’re into good old traditional heavy metal. :-)

Other bands that I’ll check out further are Mercenary and Black Abyss.

All in all a fun weekend, and the weather gods had mercy most of the time.

Enforcer on stage