My Little Balcony Garden

plenty of pots with different herbs arranged on a table

Winter is finally over and the planting season begins!

I love herbs, so I’ve always been using my little balcony to grow thyme, basil, oregano and all the other kitchen herbs. This year, I’m adding a few lesser known herbs like lungwort, bitterkress, and sweet cicely to see what I can do with them.

I never had much luck with herbs from the supermarket. Those are obviously grown to look pretty for only a few days, so that people will buy them and quickly use them up. They’re not designed to survive the outdoors. So I’m usually buying my plants from market gardens or from specialized online shops.

For the new herbs I tried Kräuterei for the first time. Their shop sucks, but it’s really worth the pain. All their plants are organic and as you can see they’re strong little fellows who will lead a long and happy life on my balcony. :-)