Do you want fries with that?

One thing you learn early on in your vegan career is to always carry backup food when you’re going somewhere, because you can never be sure to find something to eat out there. In my case that’s a usually a small bag of almonds and an apple.

This rule applies especially when you’re at small metal festivals in Germany. Most of the time all they have are hot dogs or some other kind of sausages.

So, I was extremely surprised to find simple fries at the Shout it Out Loud Festival in Duisburg last Saturday. They went much better with the beer than almonds and apples. 😀

Fries with ketchup

Much could be written about the festival, but this is not a music blog. I wasn’t really excited about most of the bands that night, but when H.E.A.T. hit the stage with their opener “Breaking the Silence” I finally entered party mode! They were my secret headliners and made the Quireboys and Tesla look like old men to me. – Oh, wait!  😉

See for yourself: